About Halotherapy

Salt therapy (Halotherapy) have been proved to be an alternative and natural treatment method for a large number of ailments in the recent past and is an ancient technique of treatment. The usage of  salt cave alternative/natural therapy has been growing steadily. As every individual cannot afford to go to the natural salt caves and treat themselves, we have brought the Salt Caves to North Vancouver BC. Innovations and recent techniques in reproducing the natural environment of salt caves have made this possible. We have imported tones of Himalayan salt and built this unique and relaxing environment for you

We used over 40 000 pounds of pure Himalayan pink salt to recreate the healing micro-climate of a natural salt mine/cave. Temperature (21 Celsius) and humidity (50-55%) are electronically controlled and a specially designed, last generation Halogenerator is used to disperse dry saline aerosol from the natural Himalayan rock salt; this guarantees maximum healing intensity and effectiveness. Dry saline generators are certified as medical devices in European countries, and are in use throughout Europe. Their use is increasing in North America with the escalating public interest in health.

Our SALTWONDER provides sessions of “SALT THERAPY / HALOTHERAPY ” that benefit one’s health, physical and mental well being, as well as beauty. This procedure creates a curative effect on numerous breathing conditions and symptoms such as chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, shortness of breath, chest tightness, coughs, wheezing, respiratory allergies, rhinitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, colds, influenza, smoking related cough (secondary smoke symptoms). The sessions of salt therapy significantly reduce stress, anxiety, regulate sleep patterns, enhance concentration capacity, bring feelings of freshness, relaxation and satisfaction. The simulated salt cave microclimate retards skin aging, smoothes out wrinkles, reduces inflammation and acne.

Practicing breath work, yoga, meditation or just relaxing in the salt cave allows microscopic particles of pure sodium chloride to penetrate deep into the lungs and sinuses, cleansing them of excess secretions and environmental toxins.