The Crystal Salt Bed room offers maximum privacy and thus the possibility for a broader holistic approach. By lying on a warm bed of salt crystals while enjoying the benefit of salt, sound and light therapy, a larger area of skin can be exposed to the direct contact with saline aerosol. The Healing Himalayan Salt Crystal Bed is specially designed with over 200 kg of fine Himalayan Salt Crystals. The warmth of the bed is soothing and comfortable.The salt crystals mold to the body’s shape, supporting it exactly where it needs to be held. It feels like you are lying on the beach. The walls are covered with more than 800 kg of pink rock salt making this room an ideal place for meditation as well.

Coming in contact with the skin surface, the negative charged particles of natural salt cause electrical stimulation to the skin cells.This stimulation activates electrophysiological activity which increases the production of collagen fibers, which is a key process to skin rejuvenation. The negative ions of salt that are absorbed into the body during the treatment help strengthen the immune system by increasing the production capacity of lymph cells.

Note: The Heated Himalayan Crystal Salt Bed Room is a private one. Prepayment of the session is required to guarantee the reservation.