Our Salt Nebulizer Room is Unique

You rest in a beautiful room whose walls and floor is covered with over 3,000 pounds of Himalayan rock salt. In addition, the room air is enriched with an optimal amount of microscopic natural salt particles, result of atomization of Himalayan salt-rich water solution. The inhalation of humid saline aerosol is used mainly to treat upper respiratory conditions and sinusitis. It helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent seasonal diseases such as flu or pollen allergies.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study in 2006 suggesting that saline nebulizer therapy was a safe and effective additional treatment for cystic fibrosis patients who had used it for 48 weeks.

The length of a session is 20 min. Due to the size of the room and the specific of this complementary therapy, the maximum number of attendees for one session is limited to 4 people and a timely appointment is required. For most respiratory health conditions 6-12 sessions are suggested.

The inhalation of saline aerosol promotes health and well-being of adults and children.